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Cloud Storage Solution | NURTech

Cloud Storage Solution

Cloud Storage Solution

The growth of the online storage solutions has meant cloud backup options have come to replace traditional on-premise hardware thanks to economies of scale. Instead of the traditional “folder and file” storage system on a single computer (usually a local server or hard drive), cloud storage distributes that data across someone else’s hardware.
There, in warehouse-like structures called data centers, millions of hard disk drives, solid state drives and even tape store hundreds of millions of gigabytes of content from all over the world.
Given the multitude of cloud storage providers out there, one has to wisely choose a provider who will offer the absolute top value for money while still keeping your data safe and available when you need it. We will offer you the best cloud storage for your mobile and pc which will be your value for money, and a lifetime support !

Security First!

Security of your files is our first and foremost concern. With our cloud storage, you get Geo-fencing, Policy-based lifecycle retention, Data-aware filtering, Detailed logs and full user/workload audit trail reporting, Backup and recovery functions.

Better Synchronization

Cloud file syncing keeps files in different locations up to date through the cloud. For cloud file syncing, set up a cloud-based folder, to which the desired files are copied. This folder makes the files accessible via a web interface for multiple users, on whatever device you are using. When you update a file, the changes are automatically synchronized with the corresponding folders on your other devices.

24 / 7 support

We will offer different support packages to meet different needs, such as 24/7 coverage, phone support, and access to a technical support manager. Your problems would be our problems!

Value for money

With several subscription packages, you surely can meet your requirements based on your needs. Remember to contact us to know more about our cloud storage packages!