Web-based Software Development & Management

Productivity Suites, Invoicing & Inventory Software Management

Inventory management encompasses much more than simply keeping track of what you keep in your warehouse or retail storeroom. Inventory management also includes keeping track of what’s in your parts department, including individual parts and the combinations of those parts used to build other products and services.

Customized Web-based Software Development

If you are not “The Tech Guy”, don’t worry! Just contact us with your software requirements,  the rest of the work will be done by our most formidable IT experts. Your software will be customized as per your wish.

Our Projects

Community Site

Communicating with customers and dealers in a more organised manner will not be much of a trouble anymore, as we provide best structured social/commercial communication portal that consist of a top notch user interface like in this project of ours.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Any company that finds themselves integrating several software products to manage financial, HR, sales, marketing, manufacturing, or supply chain operations should consider the benefits of consolidating their tools into a single ERP system. This software, developed in 2019,  consists all of the functionalities mentioned.

Management Information System (MIS)

MIS is a computerized system and database of financial data or information, which organized, structured and programmed in such way, that it can produce report in every level of management in a company. Our developed MIS (shown on left) contains all the functions of MIS such as Data Capturing, Data Processing, Storage Information, Information Retrieval, Support in Decision Making etc.